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About Us

We Supply To Your Local Business. is a Canadian based company owned and operated out of Ontario in Canada. Its sole purpose of existence is to bridge the ever-expanding gap between suppliers and local businesses by providing them a platform to conduct seamless trade. is a platform that brings immediate access to mass orders and total integrated business solution to cut down cost together in one model.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Trusted & Verified Suppliers
  • Quality Assurance & Payment Protection

Why choose us?

We don’t stop here in terms of taking care of the community, as we are the gateway to total business solutions under one integrated business network that includes:

There may be multiple businesses that may find it very expensive to buy from a single supplier. Either they do not have the contacts or the skill to close a deal with the supplier or they get stuck into a vicious circle of price wars with multiple suppliers.

We simply provide the best pricing, quality products, fast delivery and close deals for you.

Cutting Expense

Our main goal is to cut cost of goods and liabilities for your business.


Our Specialty is to assure high-quality products and cut-down delivery times.

Business Consultancy

We elevate your business by doing the market research and providing the best business solutions to you.





Special Offer

Cut Down Up To 50% of your Business Expenses with us.


  • All
  • PPE
  • Fire Equipments
  • Textiles





Fire Extinguisher

Fire Equipment




Yash Prem Anand

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Animesh Tiwari

Chief Marketing Officer & President

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